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Nashville, TN
October 4-5, 2024

Why Attend?

  • Access to the top Home Furnishings and Kitchen/Bath brands in the Industry

  • Meet with the Owners and Sr. Executives of Leading Designer Focused Brands

  • Access to Leading Design Industry Education

  • Get a "first look" at new product collections

  • Learn about cutting edge technology 

  • Meet new manufacturers ready to serve you!

Want to learn more about Design Edge events?
This 2-minute video showcases some of the highlights of our Houston event and features many A-list designer testimonials.

North American Markets

Manufacturing Partners

Manufacturing Partners

The Design Edge Approach

Delivers the Owners and Sr. Execs from leading designer focused brands to the Designer in their region

Provides "preview" access to select new product collections 

Raises designer awareness about the latest in manufacturer-designer programming

Engages regional design associations in collaborative partnership, to make this “their event”, supporting educational program development at Design Edge

Provides access to product education from brand leadership for Junior and Associate Level Designers

Provides rich data and feedback from targeted local and regional design communities throughout North America 

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